June 21, 2018

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April 25, 2018

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If it's time to hire, don't limp into the market

May 17, 2018

If there is one piece of advice I could give to companies in this current market, is that when it’s time to hire you need to go headlong into it and get that hiring done quickly.


Finance Roles are increasing month on month at the moment, so the good candidates are getting snapped up when they either highlight their availability, or when we headhunt them.


It’s clear from a recruiter’s standpoint that companies who come onto the market with a weakly considered piece of recruitment (process, timing, offer etc) lose out to companies who hit the market hard.


Hard-hitting companies have the ability to turn round the recruitment as quickly as the candidate might want. They need to make it clear why a candidate would want to join them over another company, then move quickly.




What should you do:

  • Only approach the market when the role is ready and signed off internally. If you can’t show confidence in your role, the candidate might lose confidence, and this delay could lose the best people


  • Know your budget inside out. Is there flexibility for the right person? Don’t cause a delay checking if there is.


  • Block out times in your diary. We ensure we know the general availability of a client before a role is worked on. If a shortlist is delivered but there is then a 2-week delay before interviews can happen, candidates are often lost to other offers and the role needs to be reworked.


  • Understand the full interview process. If there are subsequent interviews after the candidate has met you, then do you know their diary/ availability? Always assume you are about to find the candidate of your dreams and any subsequent delays could lose them.


  • Know how to sell your company and the role. If you find the great candidate, then they could well be in the process with another company. If they asked you why they should work for you, can you deliver a clear and polished answer quickly?



There are two ways to play the markets if you want to hire - if you get it wrong you could well be losing out on a lot of talent.


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