June 21, 2018

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April 25, 2018

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5 Top Tips for Finance Interims

January 25, 2018

I deal with hundreds of Interims every week, and see thousands of CVs.


Here are my top 5 tips to help you cut though the noise and stand out when you apply for the jobs you want.


1.  Tailor your CV

Your next contract will earn you hundreds of pounds a day - so it's worth the effort.


Don't assume that your same CV can be sent to every agency you find and, as if by magic, they'll pick out the most relevant lines.  Move key sentences to the top of your bullet points, and include what is highly relevant in an introduction at the top of your CV.  Sell yourself.


2.  Follow up in writing

When an agency already has a copy of your CV, they won't be interested in getting a different one every week depending on what job you've happened to see. So in this case, forget point 1, it's not appropriate. Instead, send them something in writing (as an email or InMail) which explains what you've done that can be directly applied to the job advertised. 


When you do this, you'll find you include experience, and detail, which was not in your CV in the first place, therefore proving the value it can add. 





3. Make the basics clear

On top of your CV, there are two vital bits of information that hirers need to know: what your day rate is, and when you're available. 


There are countless times when I've spoken to people in-depth, before they've admitted that they're actually above budget, or are still in a contract for weeks to come. Be up-front about this as soon as you can and you'll save your own time, apart from anyone else's.  



4. Be in person, not in print 

We can easily have 100 people apply for an interim role in the first 24 hours of it going live. On top of applications, we have the people in our network, CV databases with millions of profiles on, LinkedIn search, and more. 


Wherever possible, do the groundwork before it gets to this stage. Plan meetings with recruiters and arrange phone calls, not just when you're looking for a role, but when you're happily in a contract too. It'll make you stand out, so think two or three roles ahead, and not just about the pay you're taking home at the end of that week.



5. Apply for everything you see

I'm joking, don't!

Well done for reading all the way to point number 5 though: I've included this point last for that very reason.


Please don't assume that in this modern world your application will float into cyber-space and no-one will realise you sent it. When people apply for multiple roles, differing wildly in day rates and job titles, recruiters notice. We can be very good with detail, we read more than you think, and we're very good with names. 


Applying for everything simply makes you look confused at best, and desperate at worst. 







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