June 21, 2018

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April 25, 2018

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How Not to be Annoying on LinkedIn

December 21, 2017


This morning I read a great article by SproutSocial titled “The Most Annoying Things Brands Do on Social Media”


Online, and particularly on LinkedIn, you are representing your own personal brand – you!


So – here are the main findings they came up with and let’s bring them back to a personal brand, rather than a company brand – and associate it to the actions you can take on LinkedIn:


Annoying Actions Brands Take on Social Media.


1)     Posting Too Many Promotions.


So, posting on LinkedIn will start to create ‘brand you’ but do it too much and you start to get annoying. If a post is interesting or informative, it’s usually worth doing. If you are trying to force a status, for status’ sake, don’t do it.


2)     Using Slang and Jargon


You might be ‘super cool’ in real life, but keep it professional on LinkedIn. You might alienate some people.


3)     Not Having Any Personality on Their Accounts


This might seem to counter the advice of point (2) but it’s a different point. You don’t need slang and jargon to show personality. Let’s say you posted a really interesting business article in LinkedIn. If you didn’t comment on the addition, you aren’t showing any of ‘brand you’. A simple comment with the post can really bring you to life. Something like “Wow. Look at the growth here. We should all be focussed on the little things like they have”.


4)     Trying to Be Funny When They’re Not.


Unless you are a stand-up, promoting yourself as a stand-up, the chances are most people will think you are a bit of a prat if you try and be funny.


5)     Not Replying To My Message.


When people ask you something, reply. Even if it’s a brief response. Don’t allow ‘brand you’ to be considered as above anyone.


With life being in public, you really do have to focus on how you come across. People who don’t take their online profile seriously could find it means they miss out on opportunities. You will be audited for your social presence. Make sure it isn’t going to let you down! 

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